Children’s book teaches young readers simple lessons on life, mending things, friendships

Father and son authors Lance Sanders and Landen Sanders add another book into their Duckie Goosie series with “Duckie Goosie Fixes His Sled” (ISBN 1466440155). Five-year-old Landen Sanders, who created Duckie Goosie at 3 years old, constantly creates new adventures for his characters.

Duckie Goosie lives near an enormous sledding hill, one day his two friends, Monkey Doggie and Bunny Kitty invite him for a fun afternoon of sledding. Little does Duckie Goosie know his friends want to show off their new sleds.

Duckie Goosie discovers that his old inner tube sled is punctured and must be fixed before he can participate in any snowy day fun. Eager to join his friends, Duckie Goosie takes it upon himself to repair the sled, but is made fun of because of his patchwork.

Down but not out, he races his two friends on the hill, but fears his sled won’t cross the finish line first. He pushes aside his fears, and decides to do his best and have fun while doing it. When prideful Monkey Doggie and distracted Bunny Kitty crash their sleds on a large bump, Duckie Goosie uses his determination to help him win.

The three celebrate and learn about the value of determination and importance of not judging based on appearance. Landen, who reads at a second grade level, “hope(s) everyone will love Duckie Goosie as much as do!” Lance hopes the stories Landen creates will have a universal appeal to children of all ages, and teach them importance lessons on friendship, judging others and willpower.

“Duckie Goosie Fixes His Sled” is available for sale online at and other channels.

Animal characters teach young readers important life lessons on life's tasks.

Landen and Lance Sanders bring their imaginative bedtime stories to a national audience with "Duckie Goosie Fixes His Roof."

EDINA, Minn. – Father-and-son writing duo Landen and Lance Sanders share imaginative and educational bedtimes in "Duckie Goosie Fixes His Roof" (ISBN 1451538316), a collection of values and life lessons from the perspective of Duckie Goosie, who learns how to lay a roof and patch up differences with his neighbors.

As Duckie Goosie fixes the shingles on his roof one sunny day, the wind suddenly whisks the plastic strips away. Yet as the sun's rays hit the materials, a prism reflects brightly against the sky, which mesmerizes Duckie Goosie – he allows the strips to go free, and yells, "Watch them fly!"

From the high rooftop, Duckie Goosie enjoys the spectacle of lights and flight, but ignores where the plastic strips land as each makes its way to the ground. His not-so-happy neighbor, Monkey Doggie, confronts Duckie Goosie about the mountain of plastic strips. The two neighbors soon become friends as they work together to pick up the mess in Monkey Doggie's backyard.

"Young children quickly learn that every action has a consequence," Lance Sanders says. "But even in life's little tragedies, something good can come out of it if you work hard, have the right attitude and learn from your mistakes."

These memorable characters teach young children how to accomplish a variety of tasks, such as patching a roof and getting along well with others who might disagree. Packed with beautiful illustrations by Landen's grandmother, the book shows readers how even a not-so-great action can create a long-lasting friendship.

According to ForeWord Clarion Reviews, "The authors of 'Duckie Goosie Fixes His Roof,' Lance Sanders and his four-year-old son Landen Sanders, have crafted a simple and appealing story. The short tale incorporates uncomplicated lessons subtly but effectively, emphasizing problem-solving and illustrating the ways in which certain actions can have unexpected consequences."

"Duckie Goosie Fixes His Roof" is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Authors:

Landen and Lance Sanders transform the imaginative characters and stories they tell into heartwarming books for children. Landen created Duckie Goosie when he was just three years old. In addition to being an author, Landen is a busy model and has appeared in numerous local and national print advertising campaigns. Lance is a food scientist and patent attorney whose career began in the test kitchens of a major food company. There he created recipes for food products and cookbooks, wrote creative Web content and tested package directions for many popular food products.

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